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We don't make a big deal about our services, but our customers do !

Razmaju Sdn. Bhd., a Bumiputra owned company, was incorporated on 1st Nov 2006.

Our technical team has wide experiences in
  • Industrial Automation,
  • Design & Engineering
  • Fabrication, Systems,
  • Mechanical and Machine Maintenance Services,
  • Process Control & System Integration, 
  • Electrical, 
  • Low Voltage, Medium Voltage & High Voltage maintenance services, and
  • Commissioning & Project Management. 

We  provide turn key solutions to supply and install Industrial Automation, Electrical, Engineering, Machinery and Equipment etc, and are able to deliver mass production services to our customers.

Razmaju has the experience and expertise in all aspects of the production chain in Food & Beverage, Process Control, Automated Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, Textiles, Semiconductors, Installation and maintenance of natural / LP Gas, Mechanical works and telecommunication.


Our engineers are equipped with product and technical knowledge, and expertise in all engineering software to meet all the project requirements. In every field, Razmaju maintains a skilled workforce of craftsmen and project engineers.

It has been their experience and outstanding efforts that created the Razmaju reputation for quality and performance.

You will find that our craftsmen take great pride in the quality of work of their finished product.


Razmaju's vision is to be a Prefered Mechanical and Engineering design consultant.

You will see evidence of our Vision and values in every product that we deliver and every service that we provide. Like that craftsmen or artist, we dedicate our energy to the task at hand to give birth to a product or service that customers desire.

Our talents share our corporate Vision to propel the company forward by directing their energy to the single end of fulfilling our customers' requirements and needs.

Our philosophy is that Razmaju exists to ensure the success of our customers. We marshall our resources, talent and experience to provide quality services.
Razmaju works with its customers from concept to completion, bringing years of experience, knowledge and skill to the projects at hand.


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